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  • Hello! I have been using Construct2, and made a small game with the program. I showed the game to some different people and some of them want to potentially sponsor it and place it on their site!

    However, I cant find the license agreement for commercial use of Construct2. Where can I find it?

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  • Wow, sounds cool! I'm afraid we don't have one yet - we're just running test builds for the beta, which right now has a little note saying it's not to be used for commercial purposes.

    However, we hope to have licenses on sale soon. To be honest, if it's urgent you can go ahead and use the test builds for commercial things or whatever, as long as you grab a license when they become available. It'll be in the order of £150 (note to worriers: that's for the commercial license, the indie license is cheaper and most people will use that!)

  • Thank you for the information! What will be the main difference between the commercial license and the indie license? Also about what date/quarter will the licenses be available?

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