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  • cacotigon

    Sorry, I didn't explain myself: I didn't mean that events can be considered the same thing as classes, but only that I use events file to keep a logical order "as they were" classes... that is, I write all functions related to "hero" in the "hero" event file, all functions regarding "enemy" in "enemy" event file, and so on. :)

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  • Jeff Skyrunner

    oh, gotcha. :) That's typically the way that I do it as well; I usually setup a folder hierarchy in the Event Sheet, so I have an Enemies Folder and then have event sheets for each specific Enemy, OgreSheet, TrollSheet, OrcSheet, HobgoblinSheet, etc. (Depending on how much customization each enemy has from the generic enemy "parent" behavior)

  • > I'm a coder, and an old school one too.

    > My first project in C2 was full of arrays, matrix, for loops, bunch of variables just because I was using it just as another programming language, not as the instrument it was meant to be.

    > More and more I was going in developing it, I kept asking "it is possible it isn't a better way to do it with behaviours/plugins?" and the 99% of the time the answer was "yes"; I've never finished the project in the way I thought at the start and I'm completely rewriting it in a more "Construct's way".

    Oh, this is very nice to know from someone with more coding experience. Glad to know someone sees it my way.

    I can't code, I'm horrible at it and never liked to (I finished a C# course anyways, code a couple small games), so I'm using Behaviours and Plugins as much as I can, in fact, I try to reduce the Events and Objects as much as possible.

    I already optimized my first project a LOT by doing all this, and will apply to all my future projects.

    Thanks for your opinion.

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