Is CocoonJS working in r138.2?

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  • Hi all,

    We had a bit of a problem with the CocoonJS 1.4 launcher update: Ludei changed their code for the advertising and IAP features without warning us, so when it came out it broke those features in Construct 2's CocoonJS plugin. Ludei also so far have been unable to give us a list of precisely what changed and how to fix it, so we are on our own trying to figure out how to update our code to work with 1.4.

    One of the shortcomings of being a small company (there are 3 of us) is we don't have comprehensive test cases to check our code against. While we've done our best to make the necessary updates it's difficult for us to have confidence that it's working again. So we need to know from you: are ads and IAP working for anyone? If not, what exactly is working, and what isn't? It only makes sense to test the latest beta (r138.2) with the latest launcher (1.4), since any other combination definitely won't work.

    It would be useful to use the bug report guidelines when responding. Statements like "it doesn't work" are usually completely unhelpful, whereas a detailed description of precisely what happens are much more useful.



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  • Ads seem to working for me now, at least on iOS. I have not tried droid.

    The issue I am having with ads (which I posted on the Ludei forms) is this:

    Right now I have Show Banner Ad on my Title and How To Play screens. On the start of layout of my main game screen I have Hide Banner Ads. However, after playing for a little bit, an ad will popup on my main game screen. Does Hide Banner Ads only work until the next ad is loaded? In other words, do I need constantly be hiding ads?

  • I'm having trouble with the latest update. When trying to run my app from the root of my tablet through CocoonJS the screen turns black for a second or two the CocoonJS crashes and throws me back out to the tablets home screen.

    I'm using a Nexus 7 32gb, no adds, no spritefont. Using C2 v138.2

    The App was working fine in v1.3 of CJS. Included is the .capx and a link to how the app should look.

    Link to .capx

    Also, here is the compiled app that runs through CJS (needs to be in the root directory)

    Link to zip file for CJS


  • Sorry to interject:

    Nickydude Have you tried uninstalling the CoocoonJS app then re-installing it? I've had issues with upgrading the app versions before. It seems like something gets mixed up in the local storage or something.

  • Thanks basspenguin, I uninstalled it then reinstalled it and my app sort of worked (with the start logo screen in black and white and skewed) but when I quit out and went back in it now does the same thing again as in the first post.

  • As of r138.2, all of my games exported from Construct 2 give me a black screen in CocoonJS for Android and this error. I have tried uninstalling CocoonJS and reinstalling it but it didn't do anything.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Am developing something using r138.2 The cocoonjs house banner ads work when ran through launcher. It takes a few seconds to come up. Full screen ads are set to show at the end of rounds. I've seen the fullscreen ad show up once and that's it. Not sure why. This is on android. Haven't yet tried on iOS yet or on using compiler.

    I'll be using iaps as well in later iterations.

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