Cocoonjs Updated now doesn't work

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  • Joannesalfa Do the accelerometer-enabled demos included with the launcher (the box2d and motion demos) work correctly with your device?

    If they do, then I guess there must be something wrong with the Construct-CocoonJS interaction.

  • ludei Ashley

    I would like to ask if any of the new extensions of the release 2012/11/20 is accessable from C2?

    I mean do I need to do custom coding or I can use some kind of C2 ajax pluigns for example to make an IAP?

    When and how can we use the new Box2D native binding of this new release? Is C2 export is ready to use it, or Scirra need to make changes to enhance performance in CocoonJS?

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  • Epox I don't think the Scirra guys have implemented support for any of our new extensions yet.

    As for the Box2D binding, it's still in beta stage and is missing quite a few features still. Depending on what you expect from it it's possible you won't be able to do it right now.

  • ludei Your demos like accelerometer and Box2D worked on my device (iPod Touch 4)

    I guess Scirra team is up to update CocoonJS plugin for the next release.

    Besides, i would like to send my .zip on ludei's contact form to compare the benchmark between Safari iOS and CocoonJS.


  • ludei Thank you, so the new features needs tuning from C2 side, not internal improovements with the same input.

    I just looked at the new Box2d demo and sad: "Hey, 100-150+ objects with 60fps, this is what I'm looking for for my project!" I'll keep this project freezed till the C2 implementations will be updated.

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