cocoonjs and phonegap

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  • to add the ads and GameCenter is cocoonjs function?

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  • superkew

    Hm. There doesn't seem to be a definite answer. The Project Nomad FAQ doesn't even mention MacOSX, while some peeps over at Stackoverflow seem to disagree (they mention some sort of deployment app that requires a recent MacOSX release version).

    Anyways. Provisioning the app on a Windows/Linux device beforehand should severly cut down on the time required on one of those cloud based Macs. In fact, shouldn't a single hour ($1US) be all it takes to deploy the app to the Apple App Store?

  • Well cocoonJS only gives you an xcode project file after you compile it with their online compiler. So if you are gonna do CocoonJS then you need some way of running Xcode to archive it to create the IPA.

    I started by hackintoshing my laptop, but that became a pain with the OSx version restrictions on xcode. Finally just broke down and put up the 600 bucks to buy a mac mini. It's the only thing I use it for, but I'm glad I bought it. Just makes life easier :).

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