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  • Been lurking on it for some time. Now that they released it i can't wait to see what it's capable of. Maybe finally we'll get a definitive solution for HTML5 games on iOS and Android. Biolab Disaster appeared to run smooth. I'm curious: Is it a wrapper or does it translates code to native opengl ?

  • It does translate code to native Objective C on iOS and I'm not sure if it generates Dalvick or C++ on the android.

    I was attending a local presentation they made here a few months ago and was very impressed.   Was also waiting for CocoonJS to be released since then.

    They made it so they can port easily their own games, which are some of the most downloaded games on both iOS and android. If those very demanding and complex games can run well, I guess it is only a matter of polishing a bit their platform so it can run C2 games fluidly.

  • Wow, this looks really promising and the performance based on their demos was great !!

    I'm confident that Tom & Ashley looks into this as we speak !!

    Love this Software & Community !!

    Cheers !!

  • Could anyone write a basic how to on how to set this up, please? I'd like to test a small app of mine on my Android, but their instructions are not clear for me:

    How to execute your game inside the CocoonJS Launcher

        Remove the HTML entry point file.

        Create a Canvas object manually from JavaScript. If needed, substitute document.getElementById function calls by document.createElement("canvas"); or new Canvas();

        Put all your JavaScript in one file. Your whole JavaScript code should be in just one .js file.

        Create a zip file with your JavaScript file and game assets. The current version of CocoonJS only loads local assets.

  • eyeliner - it doesn't work for me for C2 games at the moment, so I don't think you need to worry about this for now. If it's fixed we should be able to add official support relatively quickly.

  • Any ideas on what is breaking support ? Sound ? WebGL ? They have a limited coverage of html5 functionalities.

  • Ashley

    Thanks for the reply. Seemed the most ideal way to convert C2's output to Android. I've sent them an email about it, actually.

  • Wow this looks good!

    I'll keep an eye on this

  • I put my hope on phonegap and CocoonJS !! i can't wait to create html5 apps, i like appmobi but somehow as i saw i think it's costly compared to alternative freeware ones, can't wait to see it compatible with C2, Hopefully <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Whoa, this looks hopeful!

  • Currently the tech doesn't work and despite activity on their twitter feed I've heard nothing back from them... not particularly impressed right now...

  • :/

  • This is the Twitter acount of the main developer:

    I just left him a tweet, asking him for CC2 support.   Maybe those interested should do the same. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I have big faith for that technology !! i hope they corporate and support Ashley with C2, thanks enrique

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  • I have great hopes for this tool. PhoneGap and AppMobi tried... And failed.

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