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  • GameThirsty, I agree that Crosswalk will probably become the export option of choice for big games on android, as long as you don't mind the file size! And I share your frustration with Ludei's lack of recent support. After a strong start they became distracted with other markets - hopefully the forthcoming plugin update that they mentioned on facebook a couple of weeks ago will open up more options for us (game center, leaderboards, facebook etc).

    If you're interested in monetizing then I think iOS access is more important than android. Although I do this as a hobby and only have a couple of apps on both stores, their sale rate on iOS is about 5x that of on android (5x not very much, mind!). A couple are made using cocoonjs and a couple using phonegap (screen image quality no so well rendered, but the build process is as easy as it is with cocoonjs).

    My frustrations also lie with the philosophy behind the design of C2. I think it was envisaged to become the most accessible and powerful web game making tool and I think it's well on the way, if not leading the pack, for 2D games. Sadly for me I would like to make app games for mobiles and this has not yet been put as a priority of the team. So, I have to make do - but all is not lost! I'm also keeping an eye on the old app-mobi intel xdk option - as that matures and hand-sets continue to get more powerful it might prove to be the better way onto iOS, and cocoonjs will then become a distant bad relationship memory...

    I agree. Construct 2 is just scratching the surface for mobile gaming/ apps.

    My prediction would be that CocoonJS will continue its declne and either Crosswalk or another export similar to CocoonJS will make its debut. Seeing as CocoonJS sort of has a niche for mobile handset exporting with wrappers, you would think there is more competition.

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  • > The Intel chaps have been very engaged and that’s really great...


    > ...but Crosswalk ? access to iOS. Aside from the massive file size, that fact really makes it an interesting but inadequate export alternative to cocoonjs in my book. Just my opinion.


    True, it may not have access to iOS. One reasoning due to the fact that Apple still refuses to allow browser engines to run on the device aside from Safari, which doesn't even have WebGL support yet.

    Aside from that, Android has the biggest market share in the mobile market. I believe that Apple will someday support web wrappers like Crosswalk. Time is the essence here.

    Even if iOS does not support Crosswalk in the future, you still have Android being the most popular.

    As well with CocoonJS, very limited, in terms of support given to those that use Construct 2. They still refuse to fix even the most simplest issues, (example- flickering Ludei logo on start up) in my opinion, CocoonJS is falling behind the gutters as we speak, relationships between Ludei and Scirra seem dull.

    With Intel and their Crosswalk, they seem to collaborate rather nicely recently, dispite the exported file size, which is still being improved on. You can not just say Crosswalk is "an alternative" to CocoonJS just yet, seeing CocoonJS has been available for much longer than Crosswalk.

    My two cents.

    if you become a premium member of CocoonJS you can't remove the logo at the first splash??

    yes, I see how slow is the update of CocoonJS, and I don't understand why...

    we have another way to publish on iOS?

  • You would probably have to enter into some sort of commercial contract with Ludei to remove that awful flickering logo. I don't know if it's possible (for them commercially yet) or, if it is, how much their fee would be.

    I guess they only tested their wrapper on a Samsung S2 - my old phone which I use for testing - when a cocoonjs wrapped app starts up on that phone the icon never flickers.... Weird.

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