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  • Hello everyone,

    maybe it's me, but I'm in trouble finding information on the forum.

    I've used search function a lot, but without success.

    I'm starting creating some games with C2 for Android.

    I'm using CocoonJS because it's very simple to integrate.


    I want to release my games with a free with advertising version and paid version.

    I've subscribed to AdMob, I've put info on my apps on the market and they let me download an SDK that contains JAR files.

    There is no way to use Javascript?

    They are deprecating all SDK. I read:

    "This app requires an AdMob SDK that was released on or after March 15, 2011. Please download the latest version of the AdMob SDK before making ad requests with this app."

    What I can do? Someone can help me, please?

    I'm in trouble, I don't know what to do.

  • If you use cocoonjs you need to activate admob directly in cocoonjs before cloud compiling. you need a premier cocoon account to do this.

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  • Hello AndyWatson,

    thanks for the help.

    I've submitted the form to require premiership.

    I'll wait for a reply...



  • Check this if you are interested

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