Cocoon Officially Dead. What does this mean for C2 users?

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  • Just bought C3 <3 :) :D

  • Thx for Link.

    Oh ok. What is your experience so far ? Did you allready compiled to mobile, an APK ? How big is a minimal Scene in an exported APK ? Do you tested a C2 project inside C3 and did the export work ? ...and so on. Maybe you can share your tests here ...

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  • Well,i ported a small C2 project to C3 today and here is what i think about C3...

    - It was easy to port the project.

    - 3rd party plugins are also half way through the conversion to C3 (some are native now, some are ported, a few are left) so not much problem there.

    - Build was easy to handle, i appreciate it

    - Performance depends on running device, it just compiles like cocoon webview, cordova or phonegap.

    - Also i couldn't find the difference between C2 runtime and C3 runtime in terms of performance, in both cases the compiled apk worked great in costly devices and laggy in cheaper ones.

    - Easy monetizing, sharing, loved it!

    - Easy organizing and editing events, again loved it!

    Overall C3 is going to be the best 2D game editor of future, its affordable, its easy, its basic and thus filled with endless possibilities of creativeness. The only need is to enhance performance of build app by may be wrapping it in a browser like webview+ or canvas+ did. I sincerely hope that the team is working on it.

    Love you scirra team :)

  • u project have admob plugin ? my c2 project have admob plugin , i use c3 exporter but admob not work. i tested release apk and debug apk not work banner and Interstitial ads :(

  • inkfalcon

    I did not tried exporting C2 project with C3 build service, i ported my c2 project to c3 by changing plugins and other things that are required to completely port a project in C3. But C3 Advert plugin works fine!

  • my c2 project have chipmunk behavior , im not find c3 version , c3 cant open my project :(

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