[CLOSED] Question to Ashley about piracy

    pixel perfick, thanks for improving my communication.

    I have mentioned about releasing my vitually existing game with a snide version of C2 to make question in a childish way to be more noticeable and understandable. I guess it's a standard literature method. My real interest is in releasing my game engine and looking for professional advice, on how to protect it from people ripping me off.

    Okay the answer something like "try your best and good luck" is better then nothing but may be I can find smth more substantial?

    put your efforts into making a product that encourages people to buy it, not one that prevents people from pirating itPlease, at least one real example from real life of how C2 does encourage people to buy it?

    Having snide version of C2 I can:

    • upgrade C2 just by upgrading it to bigger snide version
    • use forum community
    • use all plugins and making my own
    • build my games for all target platforms
    • publish my games on all stores

    At last, do not warry that I will be punished, because there is no way to do it

    See, THAT's trolling right there, because at least one method of catching pirates has already been explained, and you keep saying that it just can't be done.

    About half the people on this thread have already explained why people buy C2. You're asking the same answered questions over and over again. Can we just call this thread a day?

    For me personally I was very impressed with Scirra's conduct and the product, I was obligated to pay for the product because I felt they genuinely deserved the money, in fact when I thought the payment transfer may not have worked out properly I sent an e-mail to their support address and was rewarded with a flying monkey toy for my efforts, that's customer service!

    Sales and impulse buys are another big push, people are much more likely to shrug and part with their money if they think the opportunity could pass them by.

    With a legit copy your getting a solid product from a reliable source, a cracked .exe from a Russians computer packed with spyware and toolbars doesn't exactly entice me.

    The truth is you won't stop everyone, you're relying on the fact that your customers are honest individuals, and most of the time they are.

    one method of catching pirates that has already been explainedThe method was mentioned is not appropriate to C2 as was mentioned :-)

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    E Bear, thanks for comments. May be the point behind my unhealthy interest in this topic is because I'm russian-speaker :-) Okay, that's enough, I see that it's can not be answered. The topic is closed.

    Agreed, let's close this topic. I'm afraid we don't want to share any further information on the subject anyway.

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