Close-sourcing the HTML5 exporter

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  • I don't think people mind giving the recognition; but I think they'd like to control how the recognition is given.

    I'd love to make a custom splash screen with the C2 logo in the style of my game. A generic splash screen at the intro reminds me how I power mash the escape key through all those "Nvidia" "Havok Engine" screens at the the beginning of big budget games. I hate when I can't do that. I mind less when they make those inline with the game (and sometimes really like it!)

    That being said, I'm just playing devils advocate. I'm going to call my game "Construct 2" and make all the characters and platforms little green C-gears.

  • Construct splash for loading screen.

  • the whole idea of the logo or splash is that it is undesirable

    you get to try out the product, make a full game if you wish

    then you say, you know what, I've gotten this far. my game is awesome. I want to sell it. Construct 2 is definitely a worthwhile investment. Let me pay the license, and get rid of this logo

    or it irks you 5 days into using it, and you pay for it then.

    It seems a fairly harmless thing to me, for what's basically an endless free trial

  • Construct splash for loading screen.

    Heh, a little cog wheel for the html5 preloader.

    I dont think anyone would mind that, if it looks cool and all.

  • > Construct splash for loading screen.


    Heh, a little cog wheel for the html5 preloader.

    I dont think anyone would mind that, if it looks cool and all.

    I think it would make it seem like it wasn't a "real" html 5 game. also, if nobody would mind, then it's not a very good way to sell C2 is it?

  • After reading the whole topic I'm confused. First of all, how much and for what eggsactly i'll be paing if i want to get construct and make commercial games?

    In regards to the splash screen i think it should be customisable, and it must display developer logo next to C2 logo, if c2 logo have to be there and not somewhere else ( for example in the corner of menu screen ).

  • Megatronx,don't be confused, nothing has been determined yet there is a lot of speculation an opinion in here.

  • As long as your core devteam can handle the dev & maintenance (future evolutions of html5 ?) of this exporter without external help (contributions) than there is no reason why not close its source.

    Just be sure to fully document the SDK of the exporter for plugins & third party developpers.

    Also businesswise and as you described your will about the future of the devteam and construct it is a smart move.

    The one element that would "force" incomes for Construct. As you said too, if scirra could be built into a "true" company, focusing on construct and eventualy tools of the same sort (no precise idea atm, maybe irrelevant, just opening for the future in a "who knows ?" tone ^^) the soft would be maintained on a more regular basis. Having this one element proprietary might help in building scirra.

    Like many others users who stated it in different topics, I would be ready to pay good money for construct too. The tool has been providing great reward to me so far and I wouldn't be shocked to have to pay for it. The license use seems caring of the community and fair for scirra too.

    I don't know exactly the impact of having it open source so far (I've heard that you haven't had THAT many contibutions). As I first stated, if you are sure with your actual core team to bring construct 2 to a level of stability and functionality that allows it to be profitable enough (before having to hire for more dev ppl, if/when needed on scirra's side, and for companies to rely on construct 2 for their commercial released products on the other side) then no reason to oppose that way of doing.

  • Enough talk. Lock it tight, and throw away the key

    Seriously, though. We all know it has to be locked, so lock it now and sort the financial part out later.

    After all, you wouldn't want 'other interested parties' to start leeching your code now, would you. (partly joking!).

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  • After all, you wouldn't want 'other interested parties' to start leeching your code now, would you. (partly joking!).

    I guess you mean Clickteam and Yoyo Games but i doubt they would need to. Remember MMF was made before construct and the company's have had software released for a long time. Both also already have exporters for things like java, flash, iphone and android already made so the developers would be good enough to make a HTML5 exporter.

    I know MMF2 already has a HTML5, iphone and android exports in development from reading the forum they have and Yoyo Games already have mobile formats made and announced HTML5 at a similar time. Maybe they would take a look out of interest though but i doubt either would need to take code.

  • My couple cents:

    These are good ideas.

    I voted "yes", as a better game is better than money. And giving you money means a Construct better suited for making games!

  • will construct 0.x still be open source?

  • Yes, there are no plans to ever close source 0.x.

  • I have a similar question:

    What about the current sourceforge page for Construct 2, will that be closed? or will that stay online but have a note development stopped and just not be updated?

  • The Construct 2 SourceForge page has been shut down at our request. We'll be open-sourcing components (like the HTML5 exporter) in the near future.

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