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  • Vpick ahhh, is it only the single player object that uses the behavior?

    Our game ( ) has it used by most enemies as well, so the effect stacks pretty fast (and leads to missed collisions so players fall through floors, varying jump heights, and other issues when FPS drops below 60, so we have to keep the minimum specification requirements very high)

    It clocks in at about 644MB and 1935 resource files, but over half of that size is due to soundtrack and video files.

    Interesting. Yeah I only use it for the single player. All enemies have customer properties setup that are probably a bit more cumbersome, but haven't caused me any issues.

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  • Vpick ah that'd do it. It's something in the platformer behavior specifically that (especially when used with lots of objects at the same time) really lowers the FPS/misses collisions from what we've seen.

    Also Rayek, they've updated the bundle to include the *full* developer license with the $15 tier/full price tier. Want to update that in your main post?

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