(CC vs) C2 performance (community?) benchmark #1.

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  • 1. One the binaries would give me an indication of CC performance. I have no use for that. Thus comparing to c2 means nothing to me.

    2. It is obsolete. It is no longer being development and there is a newer version that has taken its place, which is being further developped with far more features.

    3. objects created/manipulated every few ticks in a continious stream, thats not a game mechanic, thats more like a stress test.

    4. I meant exactly what I said, like the mechanic used in point 3. Its not the program (cc or c2) thats flawed, the created mechanic for the test is flawed in relation to comparring it to something usefull like parts of an actual game engine.

    5. yes I did read it, and rendering is fine, but i just called the aqcuired information through these tests useless. Thats why I suggested doing similair tests with programs that actually mean something to the majority of developers here, providing relevant information. That is why people are not interrested. At least, I think.

    And because your not porting an entire game, you will not see the performancce difference in rendering from one game. which is something I am betting a lot more would participate in.

  • really nice test man!! i think ashley should update the performance post

    C2 is almost catching CC with the native performance

    but for the OP, if you don't mind my humble opinion and about your friend concern on CC being a viable option: use C2(unless you really love CC); we all know that CC have a good native performance but choosing a engine only because of the FPS/object count is not a wise move (specially in this case since C2 is almost there); by the time his project hit the medium size, C2 probably will be more reliable and with more possibilities, is growing faster each day, already have tilemap object which give a boost in performance and development speed and by the way...

    multiplayer is coming!!

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  • I think it's interesting, and wish more people would try it out (I'll try it when I have time). Reason being:

    CC may not be developed anymore, but it's speed was pretty amazing compared to other 'visual programming' game builders of the same era. If C2 can whomp it, or even get close to it (with the handicap of C2's javascript engine vs CC's native export) then that's a real feather in C2's cap.

    Obviously, it wouldn't be a good idea to start a major project in CC at this point in time. I don't think that's the point of this post

  • From every tick tests.

    I left test 3 off because very inconsistent frame rates. Specially on CC.

  • Can't test it. Every time I run CC file it freezes my pc, hmmm :/

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