I still can't figure out this...

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  • My only reservation about using it is I have no idea whether or not it uses collision cells. No biggie for a single check per tick, I guess, but on mobile devices...

    Anonnymitet - I am using my phone and didn't realize you'd already got there!

    Maybe I'm thinking in a very simple way, but if it doesn't use collision cells wouldn't adding an is overlapping condition before the system pick event solve that?

  • LittleStain - I'd have to run some tests to be sure but that sounds like the best way of doing it.

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  • > It does, i tried. I got hundreds objects, even if i check every 10 seconds, the lag caused by the evet is there. Because i need to put For Each object -> create test sprite -> test sprite overlaps/dont overlap. Basically, it has to repeat the event for every object.


    (Emphasis added)

    Creating a sprite is a far more performance intensive than checking for an overlap! Instead you should just have one instance of a 1x1 sprite which you simply position to the image point, then test for overlap with. If you are just moving around one instance of the "detector" sprite and not constantly creating and destroying them, it should be perfectly performant.

    Awesome! I'm gonna try this

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