can't update (on-steam) C2 Personal (unstable)

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  • My Construct 2 is the R139 version in steam, because I can not upgrade, if I upgrade to an unstable, it will give crash and will not work, only when the version is "stable", what do I do? I can not for my games in Scirra Arcade? I've tried re-installing, formatting and various other things: (

  • I presume you want to upgrade to latest release - beta.

    You need to join the beta on steam.

    Steam > Settings > Beta Participation

    It will probably want to close and restart as it will want to install steam beta.

    Now that steam beta has installed. Go to your software > construct > Properties > betas. Select beta- construct beta updates.

    It will then download updates.

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  • Thanks for the info, I thought had to wait for the next stable version to be released before steam can auto-update. I will try that tonight

  • It did not help ... I knew that already, the problem is that when I update to a beta version, the construct 2 gives crash to open, is there any way for me to update it to stay without giving crash or have to wait stable versions?

  • DFOX, it shouldn't do that.

    C2 Crashes - I've had my fair share of them. Crash issues with C2: Check your drivers (graphics etc are up to date) C2 is real sensitive to this. Also, in my own plight with crashes, mine in some degree boiled down to corrupted registry files. I wrote a script to fix it, but this does the same thing plus more - Windows Repair (All in One) does a pretty decent job. I've used the software before.

    But it might be best to put all the details you can about your system, and exactly what you are doing / have done (Go into loads of detail) and get Ashley attention to view what might be the issue.

    Construct2 and steam DON'T play well - so your frustration isn't in isolation :)

  • Side thought: Have you deleted your steam cache?

    Close steam!

    Program files > Steam > appcache (delete the whole folder)

    Shut Down PC!

    Start steam, start C2

    Let me know?

    Steam cache gets messed up too from time to time ;)

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