I can't save my games...

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  • I didn't want to post in the bugs section because this won't fit the template. When i try save my progress i just stays like this for ages and won't stop! And I can't do anything. The only thing I can do is end task which means my game isn't saved :(

    <img src="http://bitVFqkLo" border="0" />

    At the moment its been like this (Green save bar is moving the whole time) for about 7 minutes at least. And I barely have changed much to save.

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  • Willzilla - any word on this? I'm having the same issue.

  • mudmask

    This thread is nearly 2 years old.

    I'd suggest that if you are having some issue, post in the 'How Do I' section with as much information as you can, so that as many users as possible can try and help you.

    As it is, you're post tells us very little.

  • zenox98 - thank you for the suggestion. To my fault I honestly google searched the issue and this thread came up. To be honest, not much more to say than what Willzilla wrote. At any rate, if I can't resolve the issue, I will post in the 'How Do I' or the bugs section.

  • Random question, mudmask, do you have any microsoft office files open that are saved in the root of your c2 game folder?

  • Colludium, I did have some office files open, but they weren't saved in my project folder. Some kind of registry conflict?

  • mudmask, just an educated guess - I had the same problem intermittently for a long time because I used to keep records and plans in Word in the root folder. I found that if I pressed return it would cancel the save when it hung... When I analysed the failure message there was a snippet of the windows backup file (the abbreviated one with $ symbols). I moved my files and there was no longer a problem.

    Another thought... If you save your backups to the same folder as the primary c2 capx/caproj then your backups will contain your backups, will contain your backups... Make sure you're not causing it to hang on memory...

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