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  • I like C2 and am now very comfortable with it. I need to redesign my business, which is a Soccer management game, currently played by email. It's in desperate need of an overhaul so I'm considering my options. I'd like to use C2, but here are some considerations.

    Screen design : Will require lots of text, the odd listbox and lots of different screens. My immediate thought is that C2 isn't really designed for that sort of game, but I've already designed a couple of the screens and I'm actually quite happy with it. It's all doable and it allows better graphics effects than languages such as VB. I sorta like being in control of my own clicks and events. So this part I'm happy with, even though it would be easier in something like VB.

    Language : I only really know various BASICS, such as C2, VB and Xojo (similar to VB). I HATE VB because it just seems impossible to deploy anything. Xojo requires a yearly license update which I don't want to pay. C2 is easier to deploy, free (I've already got a licence) and constantly updated (and has better forums).

    Server : Maybe the sticking point. I need my customers to log in to my server (I have a host already for my game), download the information for their teams, then transmit the data back to the server (this would be instead of the current email situation). I know how to do this using PHP and MySql, but only in Xojo. I'm really not sure if I could do this in C2. There would be quite a few MySql queries required and from what I've seen in tutorials/comments, it all looks a bit long-winded in C2. Has anyone done any larger projects with lots of MqSql/PHP/Ajax stuff?

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