C2 r196 + Chrome = hey, pretty good! :)

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  • Since the Penelope EA launch, I made no updates on anything, because, well, too dangerous. I stayed with r186.2 for months.

    I was curious about the last C2 update because of the perf improvements, and just tried the game on a quite low perf laptop.

    C2 r196 + Chrome Version 40.0.2214.94 m:

    I get a few janks on start (music loading I guess), then, YEAH BUTTERSMOOTH YEAH.

    The game was running at 40/45fps max before on this hardware + chrome, and it's now 60fps with all effects enabled, rock solid.

    Particles, destroy events, and shaders seems do not harm the framerate anymore. Create events can cause a few janks, but subtle ones, nothing important.

    Lovely surprise, oh, and frameskip seems way more visualy correct as well.

    So, thanks a lot Ashley, I don't know what changes had the more impact on the game, but it seems to be for the very best! : )

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  • It is amazing to see what is possible with C2! You made a really good job here and congratz for you.

    I will def. buy the game on my next steam shopping tour

    P.S. I think you made a mistake in your comment, because you wrote r169

  • Aurel

    That's good news! Curious... Are you using Box2D web or asm.js?

  • Glad to hear that a bigger project benefited as well. It just proves we should never be complacent with what we got. got.

  • Since r186.2 we made several runtime optimisations, including...

    • Runtime now loads project data from a separate data.js file instead of bundling everything in to c2runtime.js
    • The renderer now experimentally skips rendering layers with zero instances on them
    • Destroying large numbers of instances in one go is now considerably faster.
    • Some performance improvements to the event engine particularly around expression evaluation

    r196 also bases delta-time calculations off the browser's renderer timestamps instead of javascript timer measurements, which should make for more accurate motion.

    Glad to hear it makes a noticable difference

  • Ashley just want to let you know that with chrome 40.0.2214.94 m and R196.2 (at full screen only) I'm getting zero jank/jitter with both Box2D web and asm.js . Windowed it's not nearly as bad as it was, but for what it's worth full screen is running great.

  • Games whoops, edited. Thank you : )

    I don't use any physics object in the game, so I let the one by default.

    Ashley And I can definitely see it on low spec hardware! Very impressive : )))

  • If it's good enough for Aurel, im ready to make the jump Though im on 195 so im likely already seeing most of the benefit..

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