Is C2 limiting your work options?

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  • The way around this issue is to make yourself standout so that it isn't an option for them to go to other people. If you are really good at what you do, then people will accommodate your needs because those are what help make you better in the first place. If you're just doing work that anyone else can do, then there's many people who can replace you.

    Sounds good in theory and does work in other fields. But in this business, you pretty much have to always conform to your client or be stuck in a niche market.

    You make a game that would blow an entire franchise out of the water. Stubborn companies will ask if you support their in house setup. If not, they will pay their own devs to just clone you and release it under their own title, while legally saying it's inspired by yours. When you speak up about copyright lawsuits, they lol in your face and say: "come at me bro".

    From what I've seen, this is also "Big Business 101".

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  • Jermfire , if your game is easily cloned, then you may want to rethink whether that game is as good as you think it is- so you're basically proving my point.

  • Jermfire , if your game is easily cloned, then you may want to rethink whether that game is as good as you think it is- so you're basically proving my point.

    If it is easyly cloned, they will clone it, if not, they will probably drop it and continue with their casual templates or other contents, for one they refuse, there might be dozens of others "just enough" content that are availiable to them, also the requirements they have can limit a lot what you can actually do, and if your game is awesome, fine, but it does not work on their market targets and so, they are not interested.

    Which I find kind of a sign of an unstable market (templates are becomming more and more cheap I think, and if their requirements don't change or don't evolve, those templates will be enough for them for quite a while, which could be disastrous for some.), but an unstable market is still a market that has its rules, even if they differ of clasical ones.

    You can still have an accord with them if they know what they get into, but for them, it is a favor they are doing to you, not the opposite.

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    never had to move to another engine, but i never mentioned what tools i use, i just mentioned html5 thats all. and 90% of them dont have a problem with it. they even encourage it, however not sure what wold happen if id say Construct2 ... i think most of companies look at tools based on their communities and the community progress and publishing, so that means, if the arcade in community is what they evaluate the C2 for its never going to be a good product to use. since all arcade games are same cloned templates low quality buggy things.

    but if there wold be more quality content and good performance products i think they'l reconsider, also its a matter of marketing C2 .. i seen a few issues along side.. and some people are ranting at C2 cause they dont know really what it is but what they read from others(good example Pencyl - i changed the initial letter for not making them look bad- its a flash similar to c2 game engine, that has a similar community but .. its supported by haxe and ... tadadadaaaa Kongregate.. and we all know what its going on kongregate forums... well lets just say its a part of that bar corner where everything smells fishy and people are not worth trusty... and considering that most companies are using kongregate... they also see news feeds and user updates which rant the usage of c2 after trying it 1 time - by 1 time im saying like 30 seconds- or by playing some crappy demo games... and also to mention that most of this people dont know the difference from a demo and final product but hey.. i dont judge... * please santa...* )

    however letting all the things that annoys me most in the web wide world, its all about how you sell your skill sets i guess. no big company will actually tell you what they are using... i seen a indie game company saying they do game right? so i asked the support for some more details of what they where using, and they where saying to me.. that all code its in html5 .. however when i got my source back... i got a html5 browser compiled game and funny a archive with the source files containing a caproj.. i wont say the business name but its pretty big and its funny cause if you check their website there is no mention of the tools what they use.. but.. they using .. so i think in end what you dont know doesn't hurts you right? ) same goes for the people you will work for.

    i hope i made any sense ... and im not just losing my mind..



  • I realize that my comment is a bit off topic and it won't answer your question, but I'm new to all the options of programming games for online/mobile access. One thing that sticks out in my mind is, the companies that state that you can hand them a ZIP of your HTML 5 project and they'll "wrap" them for mobile use... but, this relates to pushing your game to stores yourself (not doing work for another company). But, I can imagine larger companies having tested particular HTML 5 frameworks/engines and having an investment in the tools they used that focus on those frameworks. I certainly don't know what the pie chart looks like for exclusive framework usage, but I can see where it would exist in cases where you're coding for them. You're question has got me interested in the what this pie chart might look like!

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