C2 Licenses to Steam key and related questions

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  • If you uninstall the personal Construct. Then install the free Construct, opt for beta on the Free, restart, it will update the Free to the latest one. Then if you install the Personal Construct it will load as the latest beta version :P

    It's just a workaround, but will do for the moment.

    Thanks, tried it here and it worked!

  • Let me try and cover everything that's been raised:

    Beta releases: I tested this with the live version and could definitely choose a beta release and Steam downloaded and installed r117 correctly. (I did notice the dropdown box for beta releases seemed kind of "sticky", but closing and reopening the properties dialog seemed to fix it.) However if you have both the Free edition and the Personal edition installed, they should be sharing the same files, so you might need to set both to use Beta releases. If you have any other issues with beta releases I'd advise you contact Valve, since as far as I can tell everything is set up correctly on my end.

    Portable version: if you install Steam on another computer and log in, it should allow you to use Construct 2 on there as well. Beyond that it's out of our control I'm afraid, you'd need to ask Valve for changes to that process.

    Standalone license in addition to Steam copy: I'm not sure we can do this, since sending a standalone license amounts to a second independent copy of Construct 2, which would normally cost double. Since we aim to have simultaneous beta and stable releases on Steam (and x64 support soon), I don't see any disadvantage to buying the Steam version - you can still create desktop shortcuts and the like, you just need Steam running at the same time as C2 for license authentication. This is totally normal and how everything else on Steam works.

    andreyin - you definitely can't install the version from our site over the Steam files. They are different builds (the license systems are different, as well as other changes). If there's an error you'll get the free edition, so you won't be able to use a license if you copy files over Steam.

  • Just started using C2 loving it so far... 99% sure i will be buying a personal license next month and looking forward to sharing some of my work.

  • I got a question about this steam version. I activated it today but i was wondering what is the advantage of having a steam version over the normal pc version directly from scirra?

    Steam can bring a huge community to get to know the construct2, yeah, but aside of that i didnt notice any other advantage. Doesnt steam also take some % of the sales? Do we have to have the steam version to make games playable on steam in the future? Just wondering...

  • i have buy the licence yesterday trough steam but i need to have an internet connection if i want to use my licenced construct2.

    How to skip this problemm???

    in my office i don't have internet, and yn my familly house too. so i CAN'T use my construct2????

    tell me its a soution for that please.


  • Awesome that Construct is now on Steam. Will be picking up a license in the next few weeks for sure. Love this toolset.

  • Steam is what ultimately had introduced me to C2, but I downloaded and then eventually purchased the versions directly from the site. To me Steam is for playing games. Using "work" software on there just doesn't quite feel right.

  • I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have C2 on steam, and I've noticed some people have a "I bought C2 Personal" badge on this forum presumably because they bought through the site. Can those of us who got it through steam get a badge too?

  • kill0byte

    Well , there was a badge of early adopters , It has the special effect of displaying down the profile , but ...

    It got dispached ,

    Too bad ...

    Edit : Well , that doesn't answer to anyone ! I know how to be useful ;)

  • I have a question. Is there any benefit to having a Steam version?

  • I prefer to have things on Steam if I can. I like having my most frequently used apps and games all in one place.

  • Hello everyone. I purchased Personal license on Steam, the program worked fine. But then, in consequence of certain circumstances I had to reinstall the OS. After that programm stopped working due to lack of some files, and I decided to reinstall it. At this Steam told me that it can not find the executable file and refused to install.

    Then I decided to download installer from the website, installed. Of course programm has no idea about my license purchased on Steam.

    Question to experts: What to do? -)

    In my terrible English please blame Google translator >____>

  • Daisdarg: Try this:

    1. delete C2 in steam library

    2. go to c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\contruct2

    3. delete this folder completely

    4. go to steam library to reinstall again.

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  • ?? ?????? ??? ????? ????????? >_____<

    ???????? ???? ????? ???? ? ??? ??? ???? ? ?????...


    Thank you very much for your help. Found everything, now it works -)

  • Hey Guys, i just bought C2 on steam, but i need to be online to run it, how can i run it offline?


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