Is C2 getting slower to start up?

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  • Is it me or is every release taking longer and longer to start up?

    Old releases opened up almost instantly, and now releases like 130 and 131 take many seconds to open.

    Opening only C2 itself, not opening any documents. Opening a project now takes even longer.

    (using XP and Win 7)

  • Also, I'd like to be able to disable all the unneeded stuff (unneeded plugins, unneeded exports to win8, linux, kongregate, tyson, firefox, Arcade, bb, etc) to see if that helps keep C2 lean and clean.


  • Did a particular release make it slower or has it been gradual?

    If it's gradual it's likely just the increasing executable size. Windows 7 should be a bit faster than Windows XP since it caches regularly used applications. If you have a very large number of third party plugins, removing them should help speed it up too (since it has to run every plugin's edittime script on startup). Disabling or removing anything else will probably have no effect at all.

  • After a particular release it slowed down on start up. I noticed it after r126 or r128, and all releasess after those.

    Plugins, I only have these:

    * luna_easeTween

    * chromelog

    * r0jo's canvas

    * rex_date

  • Which was it, r126 or r128?

  • For reference:

    The time for me from clicking the shortcut and C2 homepage appearing is a fraction of a second - too fast to even calculate.

    I don't use non-standard plugins - just the defaults.

  • For me with both XP and win 7 also, it only takes about 5 seconds.

    But that includes my virus software scanning the file on opening, I to only use standard plug ins...

    Maybe related to your internet connection as I know C2 checks for updates on boot...

  • C2 only checks for an update after it's already started up, and in a separate thread so it doesn't hang the application.

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  • With me it takes probably 4-5 seconds (but that is by counting my self so not entirely accurate)

    But still pretty quick.


    Intel Core2 Duo 3.00Ghz

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