C2: Game monetisation strategy will be its downfall.

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  • In the end we are not asking Ashley and co to make crazy game specific plugins. We are asking for working basics from A to Z and IAP/ IAD are the most basic of all.

    Sell them for $10 each if needed and hire a junior developer to keep them up to date but enough with the stubbornness. The community is asking for it so perhaps it's time to listen.

    While I say that the engine should include working IAD/IAP plugins and support for major platforms (like we have now), I'd be gladly giving Scirra 10$ for platform specific up-to-date plugins each (like Kongregate, etc..). But again, it's none of my business how Scirra manages it's company/products.

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  • I am also willing to pay $10 extra for each monetisation plugin that in continuously updated.

    Plugins like IAP, Admob, Chartboost, Kongregate...etc could all be money makers for scirra and make it easier for developer to monetise their games.

    I think this is something for Scirra to consider. I would certainly pay extra for the plugins.

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