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  • Is anyone else having issues with C2 freezing up? I mean completely hang, where it needs to be killed.

    Happens to me at least once a day, often 2-3 times, and just happened twice in the last half hour. It's happened across many versions (months), stable and beta alike, and naturally causes me to lose work and the hassle of recovering from autosave. I have auto save set at 20 min but apparently it didn't autosave at all this morning, so tough luck there (I checked, it is enabled).

    I can't report this as a bug because I there's no capx to demonstrate it.

    I just want to know if I'm the only one, then I can focus on my system.

    PC is a desktop, i7 3770, 16Gb, GTX770, Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit, SSD drive


  • Mine crashes once in a while, but nothing like you describe, in general I would consider it a stable program, so no different than other program if I can say it like that.

    It doesn't sound like a bug, otherwise I think more people would report similar things. Do you experience things like that with other programs?

    You might want to check your memory, HD etc for errors maybe. Microsoft have some programs that can do that for you I think.

  • I'm wandering if you're using a lot of a 3rd party plugin... Not sure if that sort of thing could make the editor crash, although not that long ago a small text object memory leak was fixed - which gave similar symptoms. It's possible that a 3rd party plugin could be causing a memory leak - does this happen when you work on a new project as well? Also, thinking as I type, do you save your backups in the same folder as the main caproj file (so the backups contain archives of themselves)? Also, I once found that saving microsoft office word documents in the root of the c2 project would cause c2 to crash on save (when the word doc was open). I've now run out of ideas....

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  • nimos100 thanks for the thoughts. I'd say my PC is pretty stable in general, I don't really notice other apps freezing but then it's C2 I use the most. I have an SSD (few years old now) as my Windows drive, and C2 is installed on it, but I've no reason to think that's the issue. I'll keep note if other apps freeze.

    Colludium that's a bit to ponder. I guess I do use a few 3rd party plugins.. I generally work on 2-3 apps that are a few months old, so hard to say if it happens with 'new' apps. The only new stuff I do is for examples on the forum and they are just minutes at a time (although from memory it has happened with those as well). On this particular app I have backups off at the moment but previously they would save to a NAS. No I don't save Word docs in the project folder.

    One thing I didn't mention is that I work off caproj not capx, which I'm guessing is the norm.

  • Been having similar problems as others. Error window popping up, Construct crashing, no saving when I hit Save, jittering, lag before jumping...it's really annoying. The worst is sometimes Construct will save, other times it wont - completely randomly, or so it seems.

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