C2 crashes every time I try to edit an event.

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  • I think I've finally maxed out what C2 can handle. For the re-release of Klang I split the project into 2 in order to improve the preview time. When I'm now stitching these back together it works just fine, until I actually double click on any condition or action. C2 crashes. Having both projects open have been crashing it for a long time, but now I've hit the spot where I can't work with C2 even when there's just 1 project active, with only 1 event sheet open.

    This instability have become more regular on an almost 1:1 rate with the projects' size growth. Any tips on what I can do to make this workable?

    At this point the game has roughly 34000 events (Too late for me to go back and optimize now. As long as this is spread across countless sheets it shouldn't matter!), 1360mb approx download size and just short of 1gb memory use on the heaviest level.

    Edit: Changing the icon mode fixed it.

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  • Great data points. Thank you for sharing!

    My largest project is currently at 4500 events. No issues so far.

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