Does C2 allow Two screens use in WII U?

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  • As a developer, I think it's honestly smarter to choose your engine based on whether or not it ports to enough systems that people use often, then how well you can make something with it.

    Don't NOT make a game for Wii U if you'd like to make money. You make money simply by supporting that platform. So, why wouldn't you? I just don't see the logic in not doing it if you can. Aside from that, bashing markets that C2 supports makes just as much sense as learning C to make a flappy bird game for NES. It's kind of like a take it or leave it kind of thing. If you don't like what C2 supports, use something else, like UE4. It's not wise to use an engine if you're not going to use it to it's full potential.

  • supporting everything takes time and effort, and sometimes it's not worth that cost. Especially since we have close to zero discussion about the Wii-U, so for all I know it's a dead platform/market, with the HTML5 power of an apple watch.

  • Two things that I've found is that:

    1.) If you're using WebGL and can't bear to part with it, you're not going to be making a WiiU game.

    2.) If you need all the performance you can get from a fairly powerful PC, you're not going to be making a WiiU game.

    Maybe the Nintendo NX will have some better specs to support more demanding HTML5 games though.

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  • As a developer for the Wii U, the problem is that you should make games unique to the platform and not something that you hope to publish everywhere. You really need to spend some time with the system to get the most out of it, and that is something that not every developer has the time or resources to do if they want to publish on other platforms as well. From a developer point of view, you would want something that you make once and export for everything, which is not the case for the Wii U.

    Not to say that the Wii U is a bad system, I love mine and am a huge fan of Nintendo, but developing unique games for a system with a smaller install base is a huge risk.

  • Time is a factor to consider for developers that spend most of their time developing, that is a valid argument. But depending on the scale of the game, I don't see there being much of difference. I'll return to this after I have tested it out, and let you know of my results.

    It seems that only a select few people have actually tested it themselves, so this isn't a completely reliable place to go to for information. I think if anyone is going to think of trying it, they should just go for it, and learn from their mistakes if any are made. Supporting a platform as big as the Wii U will make you a lot more money than supporting mobile app stores. It's disappointing that we have yet to see much support from other platforms, but I wouldn't be surprised if that support is coming in the future. (Hopefully for C3).

    Two reasons why I'd say to try it: Less games than other markets means less competition; and it's also a system specifically designed for gaming. A console. Besides from the fact of it's popularity going back up because of the fact that few newer games on the powerhouse/expensive consoles are good. (Though there are some very obvious exceptions to this... The Witcher 3...)

  • Indies do very well on Nintendo 3ds and WiiU, I read stories all the time about it. And sorry but no Nintendo isnt going down. The Wii and DS made them a shit ton of money to last them a while, Plus even with the WiiU they dont lose money even when they are struggling, their games always sell in the millions and they dont lose money on their systems like Ms and Sony. Plus they are going into mobile with a very capable company DENA..

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