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  • Ashley, you explained this nicely on the forum, but it would be helpful to add it to the License FAQ page. It's exactly the information I was looking for, but I had to Google just to get sent back here to find it.

    I second this. After hearing about the discounted sale me and a friend were looking into buying the business license under the impression that we and a couple of others could use the one license as a team on our own separate machines. After reading through this thread though it's my understanding that in order to work in a team and on different machines, we would have to have our own license each and then upgrade to a business license if we made over $5000, is this correct?

    That said, if we were to work as a team and release games using our individual licenses (registered to our individual names), but under the one banner of our studio name, would the fact we use individual licenses affect us in any way, legal or otherwise?

    Just want to make absolutely sure as all!:)

  • ) issue it in your name, so you can use it on any machine but only you can use it, or

    2) issue it in the name of your organisation, so anyone can use it, but only on one machine.

    We don't make games in the traditional scene of the word, we are making interactive content to be used along with other content. to replace Flash content we use now. in testing Construct 2 seams like a dream and fits our needs.. However, I'm totally confused / concerned about the licencing. Obviously we need a Business licence but

    Explain this...

    In the case (1) "Named" employee leaves company (or changes departments) what happens to licence and all product created for company under that "name"?

    In the Case (2) "machine" is replaced with new machine (happens often in a company like mine) do we have to buy a new license every time we change machines?

    This is a MOST confusing licencing structure, It may be a deal breaker for my upper management, So I would like some clarification.

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  • Oops... may have made a mistake during purchase after discussion with management here. Can I write in to request a license change from "one employee on any machine" to "any employee on one machine"?

  • tdcitecc

    You would probably get a much quicker response if you email directly. This thread is quite old.

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