Other build platforms in XDK?

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  • Ashley

    That would be brilliant

  • i tested the xdk export options since two days, the cordova "Android" option produces very small apk's and they run smooth, however i encountered a bug regarding sounds, if in construct "preload sounds" in project properties is set to "yes" the apk will hang at preloading the sounds and never start, if set to "no" the game loads and runs but no sound is playing (the same project build with crosswalk doesnt hang on the preload part and it plays sounds even if "preload sounds" is set to no.).

    i played around with enabling and disabling cordova plugins but none of that worked.

    Is there maybe an external plugin that fixes that?

    i made a little test capx where a sprite is set visible if something is played, in the resulting apk it does show this sprite for a short moment(not long enough for the sound to finish) once

  • fldr sounds like a bug with preloading. I would report it as a bug. At least if it isnt a bug you'll get some instruction of what is wrong.

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  • Just want to confirm that the comments from before are all correct. XDK wants you to be able to export from c2 and build crosswalk for android, android webview, ios, windows, etc. We are using the cordova codebase and are trying to do it so you can choose phonegap build, cordova cli, or XDK and it will be more or less the same. We are working with Ashley on getting ads, payment, game services, etc working. You should be able to use the phonegap exporter today and use it with XDK. It will ignore the config.xml that c2 generates so you will have to configure icons, splash screens, full screen, etc in XDK. If you are seeing problems, let us know (XDK forums and/or PM to me).

  • fldr sounds like a bug with preloading. I would report it as a bug. At least if it isnt a bug you'll get some instruction of what is wrong.

    im pretty sure the answer will be something like "sounds like an bug in XDK..."

    because in html5 export it works in every browser and even in xdk it works with the crosswalk option

  • IntelRobert Ok, thanks for that yummy info. I think fldr has a problem ready for you (above)

    So the highest priority/core plugins that I think game developer need are as followed:

    • Full screen and banner ads - Developers often have to make their games free as their product is unknown to consumers. Therefore advertising allows developers to make money on their games without the player reaching for their pocket.
    • Cross platform IAP - Developers often have a full and free version of the game. The free version will normally have advertising in and it is common to allow users to use an IAP to remove the advertising as well as provide more gameplay. I say 'cross platform' as it would be better for C2 users to have a general set of events rather than specific events for each platform. However, It's better to have something than nothing.
    • Post/invite from Facebook / Twitter - Marketing is very important factor of a games success and most indie developers cannot afford to do it in a big way i.e. TV adverts. Therefore, the rest of the indie developers have to use the cheap strategy of viral advertising through social networks. This is done by incentivising people to use and share game notifications through their social network i.e. Get a free in game pink hat for inviting your friend to the game.
    • Game Center / Google Play Games Service leaderboards - Users need a reason to come back to a game and in addition to your game goals a shared leaderboard among friends encourages one-upmanship rivalry.

    The next highest priority plugins that I think game developer need are as followed:

    • Local notifications - Users need to be reminded to come back to a game and local notifications fill that purpose i.e. You have completed mining for rubies! Your goblins have no jobs to do!
    • Prompt to rate - The higher the rating the better the perceived quality of your game. The amount of people playing the game but don't rate it will be incredibly high. So players have to be reminded.
    • Analytics - Most people don't realise the value in game analytics. However, they can be incredibly powerful tool to allow developer to refine the game experience. i.e. 50% of users stop playing the game at level 3, which could mean the level is too difficult and a more gradual difficulty curve is required.

    Yeah. I don't want much!

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