Bugs not showing in C2's preview

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  • When I preview my game in Construct 2 it works fine - in Chrome, IE and Firefox.

    But when I come to upload the game and play it on my own host it's another story:

    Problem 1:

    When the player clicks to start the game on the main menu, the screen fades out and music kicks in as intended, but rather than changing layout to the first level and then fading in, we just fade back into the title. It takes a certain amount of time (roughly 15 seconds) before clicking the option changes the layout.

    This happens on all three browsers, though it only happens the first time the game is loaded, i.e. the error can be reproduced by clearing the browser's cookies. Because of this connection to cookies I thought the error might be related to my use of WebStorage, but removing WS from the game makes the problem appear everytime the game is accessed.

    Problem 2:

    The second problem is IE specific. My title screen is formed from several events which trigger at timed intervals. When my game is played online these events don't trigger, but again, when previewing the game in IE via Construct 2, the bug doesn't occur.

    Below is a link to the online version of my game, and below that the capx file (music removed).

    A solution to my issues would be wonderful, but I'm also curious as why previewing the game within C2 itself doesn't reveal the bugs.

    Thanks in advance.



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  • I?ve been trying to troubleshoot this. The problem with the preview not showing bugs is that each time I make a change I have to upload it to my host before I can test the changes, which is very time consuming.

    I?ve cut the capx down so that the event for clicking the title button is only associated with one action: changing the layout. I've also changed the destination layout to be a blank layout. But there's still that delay whereby the button doesn't work until several seconds after the game has loaded.

    I've noticed that reducing the amount of objects in the game decreases this delay, but I can't link the problem to any one event, action or object that I might be screwing up.

    playable reduced version

    reduced capx

  • Your title screen is set as a loader layout. You can't go on to another layout until everything is loaded. You should have the start button hidden/disabled until loading is finished or use a separate loader layout before your title screen.

    It works fine here in IE - I assume you mean the lines going up and across and spelling out 'rebound'. You might have an old broken version cached.

  • Thank you ramones. I was convinced this was something to do with asset loading - confusing at first, because I'd misunderstood how HTML5 games loaded; I assumed the default HTML5 progress bar at the very start indicated the whole project.

    This tutorial by Ashley was enlightening:


    I have indeed hidden the menu until my own loading indicator reaches 100%.

    However, I'm still getting the problem with the lines in IE, even after clearing the cache...

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