Is this a bug ? Wierd editor behaviour

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  • I have this game I'm working on. The editor is displaying very strange behaviour. I have seen it before but it has been transient.

    When I view a layout it looks like this

    But when I click on it (nothing else, just click on the central area, anywhere), or do anything that affects the main editor panel in the middle, it does this

    I have checked the drivers (Nvidia), I have up to date Windows 8.1, I have tried rebooting and nothing makes it change. I don't seem to have any sort of trojan/virus.

    When it is run it looks and behaves exactly as it should, it is just the editor part of it that is borked. There is a similar problem on the other layout which is much simpler.

    Apart from the moving objects and the missing moon, the drawing of the snap to lines doesn't work either. Things are selected based on where they should be rather than where they are actually drawn.

    It just started for no reason I can fathom. I have seen it 3 or 4 times before, but it went away when closing and reopening C2.

    Does C2 have some sort of internal cache of the editor redraws ? Is this a bug or something to do with my machine ? Should I try a reinstall of c2 or the latest beta.

    When I click on it I presume it invalidates the central area and then repaints it ; this repaint seems to be what is going haywire.

  • Addendum : I reinstalled C2 and it seemed to make no difference.

    I then had a look at some other games I had recently written, initially they displayed the same problem "sagging text" dropping and at a slight angle. Then, for no apparent reason, one seemed to fix itself, and the problem went away. Briefly.

    It appears that if I load project 1 (the one above) it displays this behaviour, loading project 2 (Frogger clone) it also displays it, but closing and opening and clicking on its title screen makes the effect go away in both projects. The first project works fine from then on, even if I close the second, but if I close and reopen Construct 2 the effect appears again until I load the other project in.

    Which makes the problem manageable, albeit weird.

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  • This is possibly a shader problem combined with spritefont+ and effects in the editor turned on....? I've seen this too but the bug is to do with an excellent but 3rd party plugin (I think, for you - this is a guess....). I

  • Thanks - I don't have any 3rd party plugins though, only the ones that come with C2 ?

  • Mmmmm - but you are using shaders...? Here's what to do - which might result in you being able to submit a bug report. Save your project as a single capx file, totally separate from your current work. In that project, one by one, delete the assets from the project that do not have the visual bug you have shown. If an asset deletion results in the problem going away, Ctrl-X to get the bug back and then try deleting something else instead. Eventually you will (hopefully) be left with one layout and a few assets. Leave deleting families until last - sometimes (I suspect) that could have a bearing on finding the cause of this. I've seen it a couple of times (it even happens a tiny bit on my current project, but because I'm using a few non-standard plugins I am no longer chasing it). Good luck - I hope you can find the source of this bug.

  • Yes, I am, mainly to reduce sprite reusage - sprites and sprite fonts are tinted/recoloured. I will give it a go, thanks for your help

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