Box2d: We need MOAR Physics.

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  • R0J0hound - Thats neat, I'm to far into a project to switch right now but that's really cool.

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  • For me the missing features are more important than the number of objects on the screen at any one time. And although its nice to create particle type systems with physics they are not a priority

    I can only agree.

    In the end, particles could be created by visual design only, rather than implemented physics.

    1.a - Collision Filtering! It sure would be nice to say, hey these objects only can collide with these and so on allowing for easy environment manipulation and complex behaviors.

    I actually require this, other than that my whole project could be dropped.

    However i never thought that this was actually bound with the physics ?!

    I require this feature for complex tasks within a normal environment, simply picking specific objects instances to collide or not collide with other specific objects / solids.

    Is this ever going to be implemented into Construct 2?

    I really wonder.

    Global collisions are really... really strict boundaries for any game designer/developer.

    I might work well with simple platformers, but anything else could get into trouble.

    However, i'm really looking forward to any updates Construct 2 is going to get in near future.

    For now, i will test R0J0hound his plugin.

    Maybe my struggle and problems will vanish with it


  • Everade

    You probably know now, but R0J0hounds Chipmunk behavior does have collision filtering built in.

  • spongehammer

    Yeah i've actually seen it yesterday.

    But that would mean that i would be forced to set normal objects to chipmunk behavior. Such as the player / enemies etc...

    Which again means that they all have at least 1 mass.

    Which also means that they will fall down the whole layout (i'm working on an isometric project, so there's no solid floor).

    Next to that, at least i guess, it will eat a lot of perfomance since it will process up to hundreds of enemies with their physic behavior on.

    Maybe i could workaround their mass by applying some settings, but still... it's everything else than the best solution.

    In reality, i would simply require a check for objects and or solids.

    That's it.

  • Absolutely, shameless bump... (I changed the op)

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