Bizarre audio problem

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  • Ashley , If you have time to explain: why sounds/music can be played without touchstart event on iOS, if they are in a sounds folder? How C2 to avoid a safari autoplay block? It would be a perfect user experience, without distorted sound bugs..

  • FMFM - if you have any issues, please file them all to the bugs forum following all the guidelines to the fullest extent possible. If you report issues anywhere else, they will eventually get lost/forgotten.

  • I'm experiencing the same problem (bit crushed sound or no sound at all).

    My specs and workflow:

    Construct r221

    Windows 7 on Boot Camp (Macbook Pro)

    Cordova Export

    Phonegap Build

    iPhone 6 iOS 9.2.1

    I'll install iOS beta 9.3.1 and check if the error stops.

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  • The bug has been submitted here:

    When I launch my iOS App the sound will sporadically have problems being distorted.

    Sometimes the background music will be fine and sometimes it grainy and choppy sounding.

    If I leave the app open but use the home button to go to the iPhone home screen then I open the app again - there is no sound at all. So I have to manually close the app and open it before I can have sound again.

  • I was reading this thread, plus the linked bug submission because I was having similar problems to what people were reporting here.

    -My game had glitchy sound on iOS (iPhone5, iOS 9.3.2). On first load the menu music wouldnt start, despite having a touch event prior (to go from a title screen to the menus).

    -If I force-closed my game and restarted, the problem above would always occur. But if I just quit out of the app, then come back to it (without force-closing) the music would play as it should at the correct times in menus and cutscenes etc.

    -Also my sound effects sounded very 'clipped' or low quality, compared to Android devices.

    I was using C2 stable r227. I upgraded to C2 Beta r230 and re-exported for XDK.

    This seemed to fix the problem of the music not playing in the menus on first start.

    So some fix in C2 from r227 and r230 seemed to help my music play on starting the app.

    My sound effects still sound very clipped tho.

    Just posting in case this is helpful to anyone.

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