8 bit palette cycling??

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  • Just wondering if genuine 8 bit color cycling is a possibility or even feasible as an addition to Construct 2...

    it is a feature of Html 5 ..and has been used in many retro games in the past..

    is it something that could be a possibility...seeing as how easy it is to make simple scenic or sprite FX..

    I know it could be done manually...but just wondering if its an easy addon for C2??

    Any words about it Ashley?

    maybe its been done already and I missed it..

    Just wondering if there is any interest in this...as a feature or whatnot

    Some really samples of HTML 5 palette cycling can be seen here....not bad FX considering its just simple palette cycling..


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  • In CC I would do this by creating a pallete image/object and using the Image Manipulator to pick up the colors of pixels + offsets, then apply them to an object via color replace shader. C2 doesn't have an image manipulator though so you'll have to input the color indexes manually...which probably isn't worth the trouble.

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