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  • This waiting game is so very dull.

    I got my game nice and finished at the beginning of November, and still, 1 month later, I can't release it. I've been in contact with Ludei, who I actually sent my game to to help them fix the issues, got a reply back to say it's all done, and today I finally got to test out their new version 1.4.6.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Some people appear to be having no issues at all when it comes to playing their physics based games through CocoonJS... but I've been reporting this error for around about 6 months, and frankly, it's unbelievable that it's still occurring.

    Sorry, just ranting here.

    For those working on mobile games. Test early, and if it doesn't work, I'd recommend you hold fire for a bit and focus on a PC game or something for a while.

    It's very demotivating indeed sitting on a completed project for over a month.

  • In know where you coming from. My Draoust game was coming a long very nicely. Almost to the point of done in 95% of the other areas. I just needed to wait for CocoonJS Ouya support and Spirter Plugin for Character Maps.

    I'm still pretty much waiting on both. CJS isn't/wasn't supporting Ouya IAP and still waiting for Character maps. And then theres the wait on the CocoonJS plugin. So yeah... it really is.

    I'm thinking of releasing this as a PC game in the mean time.

  • If they've added support for it in 1.4.6, we might still need to update our scripts to enable support for it from within Construct 2. They could make it easier for us if they ever told us when they changed anything though...

    For Android support, we should have an interesting new physics option shipping in the next build.

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  • Ashley

    Looking forward to the next build :)

    Don't think I'm targeting you or Tom on this. I know how much work you guys put into Construct 2, and it'a a beautiful piece of software. Simple and intuitive. You guys should be very proud of yourselves!

    My message was just a "misery loves company" plea :)

  • Ashley,

    Awesome - I can't wait have an Android option that does not require the Ludei splash screen.

  • Is it safe to say that developing for a platform that supports native HTML5 is the way to go? For instance Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Blackberry 10, and Tizen. Just curious on what everyone else thinks.


  • This is just the mass expression right? Can you not just store the mass in a variable as a workaround?

  • thehen

    This could work, but I'm not sure how to get my physics objects mass without calling the mass function.

    The game's been designed with the mass controlling the physics, and certain levels require precision. I could do some trial and error with a variable to ensure it's close, but I don't know how to ensure I'm 100% correct.

    I didn't think about this possibility though. I guess that's why your game works with accelerated physics on :) You're not calling mass?

    I use the mass function so that I can turn gravity in any direction.

  • Excuse my ignorance at the maths behind the physics, but does the mass change? If not, simply log it to the console, paste it into an instance variable and use that for reference rather than object.physics.mass.

  • thehen

    I'm not a mathematician either. However, if I change the size of the object ever so slightly, the whole dynamic appears to change, so I have a feeling it's some kind of calculation, like density combined with the height and width.

    No idea though.

    If I do it all with the same number, smaller objects move faster than larger objects.

  • FWIW, mass is the density multiplied by the area of the collision polygon, so it would be tricky to work out by hand.

  • Ashley thanks that's the bit of knowledge that I was missing :)

    AnD4D Assuming the collision polygon and density stays the same, then a static instance variable should work fine as a workaround.

  • thehen

    I'll give it a go, but I have a couple of objects which are affected by mass, and they're not all the same size, so I'll have to have a couple different variables.

    It'll take some time to get it sorted, with a lot of trial and error, but I'll see how things go :)

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