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  • I've just checked and can confirm, it's set to top-left for the origin so it's not that <img src="smileys/smiley13.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • FredQ I wonder if your problem happens after you package it using phonegap/appmobi.

    Have you tried to simply play it using your mobile browser ? (iPhone/Android browser), is the FullScreen (scale) still broken on the mobile browser too ?

  • Ye tried that too, it looks even worse lol

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Can anyone throw together a very basic capx of a project that is setup to support multiple screen sizes on mobile devices so I can compare and see what I'm missing because by the sounds of things there are a couple key events that others are including to aid in the positioning of things that seem to fix it.

  • FredQ it looks like the background image is just not quite big enough, are you sure scaling is on and it's sized big enough to cover all aspect ratios? Also, the tiling effect looks like an old bug which was fixed, are you using the latest release of C2?

  • Yep, just exported with the latest update now so not sure about the tiling appearance.

    I can confirm scaling is 100% definitely on.

    What exactly do you mean about the background image being big enough? It fits my layout perfectly in C2. I thought scaling just stretched the images to fit?

    Are you saying my background should be bigger than the layout to accommodate the multiple resolutions? If that's the case then it won't look the same from device to device with the hills and the sun etc.

    My apologies if I'm completely missing something here lol.

  • Here's an example capx I made:

    I use anchor behaviour to strech the background sprite. I hope it helps.

  • Thank you!

    Definitely a step in the direction with that example. I've managed to apply this to my game and get the background to stretch to fit multiple screen sizes.

    Very much appreciated nemo

    Is it possible to resize/reposition the the objects to keep them in proportion with the background so the game basically looks the same on all devices. At the minute the background will stretch which is great, but on a large screen it leaves the objects looking offset to their preferred original position.

    For anyone interested, I had to run it through phonegap for me to check that it resulted in what I needed, so here's the apk of nemos example if anyone cares to check if it fits their screensize, out of curiosity.

  • on start of layout I create some helper global variables (like X position of left and right screen edges, Y position of top and bottom edges) and reposition + scale all objects according to them manually on creation or start of layout, depending when they are created.

    Sorry to bring this up again but as the ball is rolling here I thought it best to keep it all within the one topic.

    Is there anyway you could elaborate a bit more on what you had said here? Possibly update the capx example already created if you get a minute? It really would be a great help.

  • Thunder please stop posting points

    For Fred , try to make layout 1440 , 960 and checking crop mode

  • FredQ: I think the problem is your aspect ratios are different. To make an obvious example: suppose your layout is square at 400x400 with a background image the same size, and you export with scaling enabled to a phone with a display that is 800x600. Construct 2 will only resize the image proportionally up to 600x600, leaving 100px gaps to the sides. Depending on your settings (if you followed the 'clear background' mobile optimisations) you might get a weird glitchy appearance in the gaps too. So you have to design your background images to be large enough to cover all aspect ratios too.

    It's the same problem as faced by TV and film: lots of shows have to be filmed in such a way as to look good on both 4:3 screens and 16:9 screens. This means avoiding things like actors or important events being shown right at the edge of the 16:9 view, since they will be cropped and invisible on 4:3. I think this is the same problem you face with your game.

    Thunder what's going on?

  • I did get this working! If you use the scale mode, it'll fill out to whatever height your view window, but add more to the sides. Seems to work well for any resolution.

    It's better to use a 4:3 aspect ratio so that slightly more of your layout shows in widescreen. But make sure your layout has more padding built in to show if they have a wider screen. (Similar to a "bleed" if you're familiar with print graphic design.)

    Aspect ratio seems more important to construct than resolution

  • Hello, Ashely here follows a file CAPX following more or less what you said, I wish you could help me, I want to know if the file so will run on all dispostivos androids, say all resolutions here's the link to the dropbox:

  • Crop will just show more of the level on different screens, it won't try to keep it to scale.

  • nemo FredQ please it seems these files have been removed

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  • please post the universal device example, it seems to have been removed.

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