Best Quality/Price laptop to run C2

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  • Yep, I agree with lemo. The lower quality your PC is, the better (within reason, of course).

  • Thanks everyone , but I knew that , now I need to find the crappier pc to support C2 ... Any suggestions ?

  • In my previous job, I'd occasionally have to deal in low-end machines like this. You'll hear a lot of anecdotal evidence over which brand is best or worst (mostly worst).

    Regarding low-end laptops, all the major brands manufacture comparable 14 or 15 inch models. In my opinion, they all perform about the same, so it just really just a matter of personal preference.

    If your PC will mainly be used for production purposes (like producing games or graphics or whatever), I'd highly recommend a desktop rather than a laptop. I can generally get work done 1.5x faster on my desktop than on my laptop. Also, if you go this route, go for dual monitors if you can swing it.

    For situations like this, Newegg is a handy site to find/compare products.

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  • I am doing a bit of traveling recently so I purchased an ASUS vivobook x202E for $449. It runs construct 2 just fine and the bonus of the touch screen makes testing touch enabled apps that much nicer.

    The 11.6 in screen version might not be right for you if you are not traveling much with it though.

    Asus VivoBook on Windows Store

    As far as older spec PCs. I love

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