Bad performances as iOS App but run prefectly in Safari

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  • Hi everybody,

    I'm making a simple game (WIP) that you can try here:



    Controls: Keyboard arrows - Left/Right to move, Up to shoot a fireball, Down to smash the cars


    I would like to build a native iOS App but when I do it with Ejecta, everything is very slow...

    From my previous URL, in Safari, it works pretty well.

    I tested my game on iPad Air, iOS 8.2

    This game don't use physics engine. The animations are made with Spriter.

    I'm a beginner so my code is probably not super optimised...

  • on iOS 8 and upwards, it may be preferable to use a webview based wrapper (Ludei's webview+ (not canvas+) is fast from what Silverforce tested), however I will let other people give their advice as I do not use wrapper myself.

  • Ejecta is now outdated, it's slower than the default WebView (Safari) in iOS8+.

    Ludei's WebView+ is even faster by many folds since it uses the enhanced WKWebView. It'll run your game exactly like your top end PC. Quite amazing in fact.

  • PhoneGap Build is also fast from iOS 8+. It doesn't make any sense to use Ejecta any more from iOS 8 onwards, and we recently deprecated support for Ejecta because of this. See HTML5 game performance on iOS 8.

  • Aphrodite Ashley Thank you guys!

    I'm sad for Ejecta. It was really easy to build iOS games with it...

    So, WebView+. Is there a tutorial to explain how to do?

    I will take a look to PhoneGap too. I don't know why, I'm not confortable with it.

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  • Ok, it's better with PhoneGap

    Thank you!

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