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  • I appreciate the importance of keeping backups but Is it possible to stop auto backup when you first open a file?

    It's quite annoying for the backup to occur just after you've opened the file to get stuck in.

    Also, I download a lot of forum demo capx files related to problems I may be trying to overcome and my backup folders are filled with these demo capx files as well.

    Would love a feature to prevent backups of certain files.

    Perhaps a visible backup checkbox on the toolbar.


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  • Firstly, are you talking autosave and not backup?

    And you probably have autosave on after preview

    Here is the solution.

    Enable autosave every 20 min this won't interfere with your new or demo capx files.

    Next set keep up to 5 backups in folder when saving. (that is the only time it actually backs up, when you save... that is why I think you are talking about autosave)

    Then create a folder, somewhere you don't go into at all. Call it C2 backups.

    Now add that folder to location 1: Never to deactivate, I use Daily.

    Now add a dropbox folder for location 2: weekly

    Now add to copy folder for location 3: every 3 days.

    So it will only autosave after 20 min. And you can disable daily backups or backup once per day.

  • These are great tips.

    Thanks DUTOIT

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