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  • Anyway, you mentioned trying to find an artist. I may be able create some assets for you depending on what you need.

    that would be great...I have 6 ships I need painted.. although I can't pay much.. pm me and let me know what you are available for... thx!

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  • wow.. so good! how are you doing that torch lighting??? DrewMelton

    The background is pre-rendered in a layer below the characters. I will have some objects in a higher layer when I need them to be in front.

    But anyway, I have a dummy torch setup in Modo with a light material applied to it. I have an actual light set up in front of the torch that creates the torch light. There are a few other lights here and there to fill in the rest of the area so it's not too dark.

    In construct 2, I am using a couple of very small particle effects to create the fire effect of the torch. It looks cool in motion.

    The characters are rendered in their own scene with a light above their head, and an invisible shadow catcher below them so the shadow appears animated as well.

    Your concept artwork looks cool. When working with rough sketches like that (or any art) you can test it by squinting your eyes or taking a few steps back, and see if the design still holds up. I'll send you a PM in a moment.

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