Art Asset Size Preference?

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220 Food Sprites in 16x16 pixel size. Perfect for items for a retro style game.
  • 600x600 is a poor size because it is just over a power-of-two size (512x512) so will be awkward to assemble on to a power-of-two size spritesheet.

    As the export-time optimisations tutorial says, the ideal size is two less than a power of two, because C2 adds a 1px border around images when spritesheeting. So on a 1024 wide sheet, 512x512 is padded to 514x514 and it can only fit one image on with nearly half the width wasted (unless something else smaller fits in there). However 510x510 pads to 512x512 and fits two across exactly with zero wasted space.

    However those are some slightly weird numbers - it might be best to just aim for 2000, 1000, 500, 250, 100, 50.

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  • Ashley is there any reason the pixel border is applied to pixel art games? It seems like this should be turned off if a project is set to point sampling. For pixel games, this seems like a big waste of texture space.

  • I don't think it's a big waste of space, it's only a small size increase. It guarantees that no colors bleed through from adjacent images. For example if you had a red square and a green square exactly side-by-side on a sprite sheet with no padding, sometimes the red sprite could have a green tinge bleeding through down the side after scaling or rotating, and it's important to avoid such artefacts in all kinds of games.

  • Ashley Yeah I get that. But I was under the impression that you would only get a tinge if sampling was set to linear. And I guess I shouldn't say a big waste of texture space, just inefficient. If i have a 16x16 sprite I can only use 14x14 which is relatively a big waste. 4 pixels is a lot of detail lost in a pixel art game.

  • I might not have done a great job of explaining what I'm going to offer up on the store, so I'm going to outline it a little more specifically here. Please let me know if there are any flaws in my logic. I appreciate all of the responses I've gotten so far.

    I am creating a zombie pack that will include somewhere between 12 and 20 different zombies with animations in it (final number undecided). All zombies will have the same animations (12 total plus a frame fore laying dead).

    Because I don't know what sizes people need for their project, I am including the different "sets" shown above. The original resolution I work in is 600 x 600. I realize that is way too big and never intended for the developer to use that big an asset. I'm including it only because, if they can't use the 3 other provided sizes, they might want to shrink the art on their own before importing into Construct 2.

    I have 2 versions of the full resolution art: 1 with Lines and 1 without. I've included both because omitting the lines helps once you hit a certain point in shrinking.

    I am also providing all of the art in 2 different color schemes. The top one is a color scheme that all of the zombies will have a set in. This way, you can randomize pallets and have it set across all zombies when they spawn. The second set is just a color scheme that I came up with if you just want to import the art and not have finer control over the colors.

    All of the art has a lot of transparency around it. I wasn't too worried about it because I figured people would just auto crop it out in Construct 2 after their origin points were set. If this is wrong and I should still be worried about power of 2 assets, please let me know.

    And if you want a preview of the animations that will be in the pack, I have some previews up on my instagram:

    Thanks again for your help.


  • So far so good mon they look cool.

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