Apple Rejecting Coocoonjs Apps!!!

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  • Apple are now rejecting cocoonjs apps as the use the passkit api and if it is not used in you app the reject

    any one know a fix for this or when it is going to be fixed as i cant publish apps to ios

    i think is is to do with the mopub sdk not sure thi o have tried to contact them but not heard anything back

  • I only did a cursory look. But as I understand it Apple/Google do not allow any IAP purchases to other services. I didn't hunt down any details. But if PassKit doesn't use the Apple store. That would be the reason it failed. Again though this was just a cursory look. It's possible if PassKit does support Apple store then Passkit may need to update.

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  • If that's the case, Ludei's twitter would be full of people spamming angry comments?

  • I just got an update approved a few days ago using CocoonJS. Then again, I do not use ads.

    Sounds weird.

  • i have had a response they say they are working on it but i found a post from march with someone reporting this problem but still no fix so not holding my breath

    if any one has a fix or an idea please let me know

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