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  • Guys, anybody using to host mobile games?

    This question applies to mobile only specifically android chrome. (when viewing on PC looks fine)

    I've just uploaded my noob in-work prototype to see what it would be like hosted properly.

    (please note there is no game just me learning construct 2 when you die it restarts. Twin Touch only I'm sorry so don't bother on PC so will have to be mobile or tablet for now)

    But Issues

    1 . My full screen button (blue top right) doesn't work at all on mobile on .... So I have to implement their own full screen button option which is always in an awkward place and takes about 20 presses to register. my own blue button works fine when previewed on lan.

    2. Whatever way they frame the game they are chopping a few lines off the bottom and leaving space at the top, again on mobile only. This includes their own full screen button. my window is 720x400 which plays nicely on everything when I host over lan to whatever.

    ive noticed some workarounds and complaints on the unity forums for the same issue but nothing here..

    anyone with experience?

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  • OK. I found this on their own forum. ... e-the-game

    "The builtin fullscreen button for html games misaligns the iframe in fullscreen mode. It puts it 20px lower than it should be, leaving a black bar at the top and cutting off the bottom of the game.

    Adding 'margin: 0 !important' to the '.game_frame:fullscreen' css is enough to fix this.

    So the next question is can I do this with the construct 2 export???

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