Anyone else lost the ability to 'Preview Local'?

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  • Really don't understand what's happened here but I can't preview on local anymore without it defaulting to localhost and telling me I need to run C2 as administrator.

    I already run C2 as administrator, also have made sure by running as admin from the shortcut.

    This is happening on both my machines one up to date C2 one an older version so I really don't think it's a C2 bug.

    One machine is Vista the other Win7.

    This was all working fine at least up to a week a so ago [guessing a bit when I last used it] and the settings are all still the same in the export dialogue.

    I really can't think what's causing this, any help appreciated.

    Cheers, Sho.

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  • Nevermind!

    I just had to re-check what C2 thought my Machine IP was and reselect it.

    Guessing multiple machines on a network cause the number to change from time to time.

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