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  • In the last few weeks I was very interested in the bubble server project.

    Now that it is kind of stuck I returned to Socket.IO.

    I made a tutorial about how to use it, but my server code isn't quite functioning perfect.

    So I am working at it again and wanted to ask you guys if you would have interests in a working multiplayer server code, for universal use + a tutorial how to use it and that is covering advanced Socket.IO techniques.

    You would be able to use the server code, without the need to code somethin yourself, so kinda were back to the idea of C2, no code.

    But you would also need to take the code the way it is (especially the matchmaking system, I will probably make 2 systems, one with lobbys, and one automatchmaking) if you dont want to code.

    This is all hypothetical if enough people want it, I'm going to work on it as a side project. (My main focus is Shadows of War currently)

    if there are any grammar/spell mistakes, I wrote this with a tablet...


  • This should be without a question that I want this server code. I would be grateful if you provide something for the community to use. sh*t, if you can get something decent, then I can add multiplayer in my Galaxy Aggression game.

  • I am unable to assist but am interested after I learn the rest of this software. However I have no plans to learn beyond simple scripting.

    That being said if Multiplayer can be made simple enough I am interested.

    Best of luck to ya!

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  • very nice, i want one of those too

    not just a implementation but a design solving would be great too; i have a multiplayer game once but handle things like save game is a pain.

    since we cant load separated characters (like, characters profiles) making a local multiplayer is not very pratical, but maybe doing it online can be more smooth designwise.

  • SgtConti - I think you would make every Scirra user exceedingly happy if you could manage this ^^ I can't help as coding is something I know little about (which is why I use C2 in the first place).

    But I do have a suggestion: the ability to set tournament lobbies. So for me to be able to set things such as what time it will start, what item they need their account to have in order to enter, how many rounds, knock-outs, and basically as many other conditions and details as possible. I'm not exactly sure how hard that would be, but just putting it out there in case it can be done!

  • SgtConti - I think you would make every Scirra user exceedingly happy if you could manage this ^^ ...

    I think so too. <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • SgtConti nice it will be great to have a plugin for multi-player in C2.

    if you need help i will glad to help you with this project, i have almost 6 years in programming PM if you are intrested

  • thanks for the positive feedback,

    a few more people that want it and im doing it :)

    Its not a plugin, its only the code in a .js file that can be run with a .bat file (so you really need no script, if you dont want to)

    In C2 it would be handled what messages you sent and what to do if the following message comes in.

    But when explained good, its easy to understand what to do (with sending and recieving messages).

    The point with tournaments, im not sure how to do.

    But i will look into it surely, and that would be a option to implement in the Server code with the Lobby system.

    (1 Server code with automatchmaking for 2 players, 1 vs 1

    1 Server code with lobby system for more then 2 players)

    I cant say for sure when i would be able to finish it, but the Lobby system will take the longest to do, for sure. Since i currently only work on the Automatchmaking.

  • You should be aware we have plans to eventually implement our own multiplayer features. It would be based around peer-to-peer connections so a server won't be necessary, and UDP transmission would be supported (WebSockets and the like are typically pretty poor for real-time games).

  • Thanks Ashley

    that sounds even better,

    i always thought p2p would be the best solution for C2 ;)

    my main problem is however the automatchmaking.

    Will it be possible to achieve someething like that?

    Or should it then be something like, that i could make the lobbys in send the needed data for C2 to use p2p and then be able to play the actual game?

    When is this feature planned to come?

  • We can't give an ETA, but we were also planning to implement some kind of matchmaking/signalling server as well.

  • What's a signalling server ?

  • It looks pretty interesting , I'll have a look to the Socket.IO libraries ...

    Maybe make a basic plugin to send messages between a Server and a Plugin IN C2 and without server-side coding , my domain is not javascript so I can't promise anything but i'll have a look ...

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