Anyone make a classic RPG/JRPG?

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  • No worries, yeah I have worked on multiple (one big one in production also). You can see what is in the store by clicking on the image button under my name (when the store comes back up that is ).

    Happy to add to the discussion when I have time but I will likely miss the conversation unless I am tagged. I am a firm believer of doing things yourself if you can - just thought that some people might appreciate a head start though so I plugged my template.

    No problem, this is a side project for me so not trying to go super fast on it. And plug away, doesn't bother me! (visit me at )

    I think what would be interesting is seeing some formulas. So for example the basic hit formula (for whether a physical attack lands). Probably something simple if a random number modified by the difference in abilities is above a certain number it hits.

    I know to some it might sound like I'm asking for some work to be done for me. I'm sure I will modify whatever formula someone gives me, but as it can take hours and hours of trials to perfect balancing I'd rather start with someone's formula and modify it than create something from scratch.

    I've been recommended to check games (like D&D or board games) rule books to use. But some of that is very very different. Most classic RPGs your heros keep gaining stats (strength, agility, etc) where as D&D is a range from 1-20 (or something like that), never really changes (or at least has a maximum) and you just add one or two to your dice roll if above a certain number. So doesn't really scale well to a infinite scenario...

    Or maybe that is where I am going wrong. Maybe I should start by setting a max and min level and stats (even if unrealistically unobtainable) then I could follow that model...

    I just need to carve out some time to try some stuff out. It helps me to brainstorm while I'm typing though

  • I do prefer to consider max level and work back from there but once you have a formula it is easy to play around with it. Other things to take into account is the stats you have for your characters, like do they have stamina, endurance etc and how they affect the damage received.

    If you have never played buldars gate or icewind dale I would suggest you go there first because when the battle commences you can actually see the formula they are using as it happens. Even games like knights of the old republic do this as well (both of these use D&D rules I believe - or slightly modified versions of them).

    I run all of my attacks through a universal event that handles every move in the game.

    So after you give your character an attack command you run any simple formula for chance to hit (keep in mind you could do this so many ways, this is fairly easy but it can get as complicated as you like).


    Choose(1,2,3,4), if 4 then it counts as a miss, if anything else we can proceed through the damage chain.


    If proceeding, calculate damage. Set a variable "Damage" to tally up the amount based on other things like weapon strength and character strength.


    (Set 'Damage' to Weapon base damage + character strength stat) x 5 <--- the higher you make this number the more damage you will see and vice versa.


    Then we reduce the damage based on the armour of the enemy.


    Target Enemy lose hp equal to 'Damage' - TargetEnemy.Armour.


    Things can get more complicated if you take into account things like weakness to elements, magic and physical attacks etc.

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  • i prefer Japan RPG's like first Final Fantasy games, instead of "baldur's gate" or "diablo" style.

    im working hard on concept, like growht curve of heroes and various parameters for players, enemies and items, skills and magics.

    the layout of battles is based on this, at red boxes i ping enemies sprites, heroes at blue boxes, and background changed due to map zone

    for text im using "spritefont" object type with customized sprite text

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