Anybody any idea in which Construct 2 is written?

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  • brian Griffin its not misleading at all. im an hobbyist artist too and i dont know even how to succesfully do the "hello world" thing in any language. but then i found construct and can do things that it will take ages for me to learn how to do. you can make very good games if you got a great story and visuals sounds etc. the thing is that you as a new user i assume dont know that here in C2 the "coding not required" thing is 100% true. go play with unity playmaker and similar plugins, go for game maker studio 2 fancy new drag and drop system, or unreal blueprints where all of them announce "without writing a sinlge line of code" but its not true. there the coding "is required' but in a more friendly way you don't write code you connect ready blocks of code. not even close to the simplicity of C2. AAA games is a difficult thing to do alone with or without code. and to sum up you can be a millionaire with a fnaf game or flappy bird too you know. And these games can be made with C2. its not only the engine its the idea its the timing and of course hard work and luck.

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  • brian Griffin I recommend learning JS if you wanna make serious commercial games with C2, its a bless really how easy it will be for you to make outstanding projects in 50% less time than with plain code.

    If you know JS, you could make everything ! and I mean everything that comes to your mind ! If I needed a function that was missing, I just went to the JS libraries archive and fetched for the library which does the thing that I wanted, then bam!, you implement your own plugin accordingly.

    So learning JS and getting used to C2 is going to make you forget about all those fancy IDEs out there (Unity , Game maker , Unreal engine etc... ).

    And I cannot wait for C3 and its SDK

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