Android(4.2.1) sound problem

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  • Hi, it seems that the problem is not in C2, but i only have 1 android device, and maybe someone have the same problem.

    When i run a Construct 2 game, my Android device(4.2.1) goes almost mute,the sound is played very low, and the volume buttons can't control the volume anymore(even in other games and apps like youtube).I have to restart the device to fix the problem.

    This happens only when the Audio object is in the project, and the problem occurs when i run the game on chrome for android

    I don't know if this is related to this chromium bug?

    chromium issue

    Can someone clarify this issue for me?


  • Are you definitely using Chrome and not the stock browser?

  • Are you definitely using Chrome and not the stock browser?

    Ashley, yes i'm using Chrome, and this happens in the final intel apk build from crosswallk for android too, and is not a problem of a specific game but in every project i have the Audio object.Tks

  • Sounds like a bug in Chrome rather than a C2 problem. Does it happen in Firefox for Android?

  • Ashley


    I think this is Chrome+audio bug or something. The audio is low because it is playing on the earpiece and not on the phone speaker( Galaxy S3, Android 4.3, Latest Chrome not Crosswalk).

    On firefox the sound played ok and loud on my phone speaker.

  • Ashley


    It works fine in FIrefox, it seems that is a problem with Chrome.And i guess the bug occurs in Crosswalk too because it is a Chromium based engine.

  • had the same issue with my nexus 5 (4.4.2). Still havent found a solution, but the temporary work around for testing etc, is to grab the app called "SoundAbout" which can force audio through different outputs, eg: the speaker. it resolves the problem until a proper solution can be found.

  • Not sure if this is related, but... on my Samsung Galaxy S3, my Construct 2 app worked fine in Firefox but didn't play sound in Chrome. It did work in Chrome on an iPad. (Very likely a bug in Chrome on Android.) I updated Chrome on my Samsung, then the sound worked.

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  • Bug Solved!;)

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