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  • Hi all,

    I want to thank Ankur Prasad and Allen Wu for the excellent "Level 0" tutorial they created. Also a big "thank you" for providing this tutorial for free here on the Construct 2 website.

    I am a complete beginner with Construct 2 and find this tutorial very clearly written. I almost finished the first game in this tutorial (I am now at the part where I have to add the "lives" feature.

    I got everything worked as expected. Also downloadding the necerssary assets, was a piece of cake. The structure of the tutorial is a step-by-step way with enough explanations to understand the material. Some things are left to the reader, but in those cases the information was read before.

    The first example is a very simple but yet complex enough game, to learn the very basics. It also leave more than enough left for the creativity of the reader. Creativity and inspiration are surely stimulated because while reading, the feeling of "wanting more" or "seeing more" doesn't leave you. It is like reading a book with high suspension level, you want to read the next section while still on the present page.

    For me, this is already a "five" star tutorial. I still have to read all the next chapters and create the other games. Anyway, I am glad that I choosed "Construct 2" as my game development tool, for creating educational games for our daughter of 7. It is an excellent tool for creating 2D games and this "Level 0" tutorial will help you getting the basics out of it, on which you certainly will lay out the foundations for your own games.

    Thanks again Ankur Prasad, Allen Wu and Scirra for your excellent work.

    Friendly greetings,


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