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  • Hello!!!

    I am trying to create a game that will be a player vs player and gonna have lots of items to these very players.

    What I thinking is to do something like mybrute, for those who knows it, but add lots of skills, maybe classes and for sure many weapons and other equipments.

    Can you please advice me how to do that, I mean is, I am very new here and just start to learn, so I am concerned about this game size and if will be light so players can play it online without have to download tons of kb.

    What I did so far was put a background, 2 chars and made them fight like 2 rounds, just to test moviment and stuff.

    Now I want to add at least 20 weapons, some cloths and make players be able to change hair color, cloth color and other customizations like hair type, tattoo and so.

    So I have 2 questions besides any advice you could give me:

    1. If this game have lets say 1000 items (weapons and so), but the player just use one sword for a combat he did, will he need to load all the others 999 items? Or is there a way to make player only download whatever he needed for that combat?

    2. I wish to make this game read a info file that will tell what players did in this combat in each round, for example, round 1 player A cause 10 damage and player B cast a spell... Is possible to create this game as a sorte of replay player? I mean, I will create all animations and make it read this info file so the players will see in their monitor what happened in this combat. Did I was clear with that explanation? Hope so :P

    I guess this it!

    Any advice will be very very welcome!

    Thanks alot!!!

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