How Do You Add To Infinity?

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  • Infinite Runners seem to be making a larger splash in the game market, I've noticed. I don't know quite when they started, but they seem to have had their debut on the mobile platform. And with some creativity, anyone can make one now.

    I'm never one to do anything "simple"...this is either a blessing or a curse. LOL I'm not sure which. But I'm working on my own variation of the infinite runner genre and hoping to release it as my first game on mobile and my first game, period.

    This got me to thinking... If you were to make (or are making now) an infinite runner, how would you change it up so it's not just another IR game with different themes/graphics/music? How would you "reinvent the wheel" that keeps on spinning...and spinning...and spinning...and spinning...?

  • If you want a truly unique experience, I suppose everything would need to be procedural.

    Enemies, power-ups, platforms, obstacles - not just their placement but their look, shape, stats, etc. If you were to go that far, take it further with procedurally generated music and sound effects - textures even.

    You'd certainly have your work cut out for you, and I'm sure you'll need a few custom plugins to make a lot of things work. For the enemies I'm sure you could wangle something with Spriter.

  • Graphics and sound aside, some type of evolution as you play maybe something to think about...

    I am developing a game with an infinite scroll, but there is still a defined play area...

    Dropping "runner" and just thinking infinite is probably a good way to detach from what's already been done...

    Something I find in many indie games the the sole reliance on one basic mechanic, think doodle jump, flappy bird ect ect, all hits agreed but if you want to give your creation some originality, maybe try mixing it up a little...

    In My games I like to give the player tasks, which usually involve a couple of game mechanics that have to be done in a set sequence for example...

    Adding your own twist to a 2D game, in such a saturated and long established industry is a tough call, but kudos for wanting to create Your "own" game...

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  • Good points! I'm hoping my iteration of an "infinite..." game proves at least worth a nod. I'm certainly mixing a few things up.

  • I took a stab at it, I should upload to c2 arcade when its done good

  • ZakChaos

    Might be interesting as a typing game. Bad, dad, sad, had, mad, fad......

  • Yea it was targeted for android originally my take on the flappy bird jam.

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