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  • This sounds like not knowing enough about the software and limitations (shared by all engines).

    I myself called this a hobbyist tool for lack of knowledge.

    I have since changed my stance and am blown away at the the power of this software.

    What took me over 2000 events to do, I can now do in under a 600. This is called acquired knowledge.

    And what was 15 fps cruises at 60fps and no bottlenecks.

    Like anything in life, you just have to learn the tools. What they can/can't do and adjust accordingly.

    And trust me, I still don't know how to do 80% of the things I haven't even tried yet. Lots more learning as new games get developed.

    This is spot on.

    As I've said several times in defense of C2, its because its such a simple game engine to use, most users very quickly make a poorly optimized game that struggles even on strong hardware.

    But if optimized well, C2 can achieve amazing results even on mobiles.

    The problem is that optimization requires someone with a lot of programming/C2 experience.

    C2: Easy to use, hard to master.

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  • Hello, i know that this is a really old Thread, but i have found a Engine for you, which is completely free for Commercial use without Licenses and it use DirectX to make native PC Games. Use Witermute Engine ( - It is similar like Construct2, but there you need a bit C++ knowedge.

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